The Newest & Coolest Mattress Protector From Red Nomad

The Newest & Coolest Mattress Protector From Red Nomad

Red Nomad Mattress Protector on Box

Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector

Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector



    Feel, Fit & Noise




        Heat Regulation



          • Very soft
          • Waterproof
          • Easily fits
          • Superior heat regulation
          • Practically noiseless


          • Not enough data to fully test durability yet

          As far as mattress protectors go, this one is seriously top-notch. This is a newly released, premium and very soft bamboo protector that provides waterproof protection, a hypoallergenic barrier against bed bugs/ dust mites, and quite a bit more. Those of you who tend to “sleep hot” when using mattress protectors… the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector (now under $50 on Amazon) is your answer.

          Quick FAQ

          The Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector is currently sold online at Amazon for under $50.

          Red Nomad’s Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress protector arrives in a standard Amazon shipping box weighing roughly 4 lbs and with dimensions 1 ft x .5 ft x .5 ft (for a Queen-size).

          100% of this mattress protector consists of natural bamboo fibers, which is woven into shape.

          This is, hands-down, the softest mattress protector I have reviewed thus far. It isn’t made of the typical cotton and polyester terry cloth combination, so there is none of that synthetic feeling.
          As for heat, our professional review found no instance of heat retention. This protector sleeps very cool.

          There was no smell detected from this protector whatsoever.

          Yes, you’re covered by a 90-day full money guarantee as well as a 15-year full replacement warranty.

          The Red Nomad Bamboo Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector (Queen-size) has been reviewed using the Zen Score System, which gives a score out of 100 based on 4 main factors: Unpacking (25 pts), Feel & Fit (25 pts), Durability (25 pts), and Heat Regulation (25 pts) .


          Unpacking the Spa Sensations 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

          The Queen-size Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector arrived in a standard Amazon shipping box weighing roughly 4 lbs with dimensions 1.5 ft x 1 ft x 1 ft:
          Box 2
          Upon opening the shipping box, you’ll find that the mattress protector is safely contained within a beautifully designed Red Nomad packaging box, along with some air cushion packaging to keep everything protected from the outside elements.
          Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector Side View in Box


          Where Was The Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector Made?

          The mattress protector was manufactured in the USA by Red Nomad, one of our favorite and most reputable brands here at Zen Sleeping. Originally renowned for its high-quality and comfortable mattress toppers, Red Nomad is now expanding into mattress protectors and other sleep-related product categories with the same vision in mind: to provide superior sleeping products that are made with the highest-quality, safe materials.

          Is It Made From Safe Materials?

          To start with, Red Nomad is CertiPUR-US certified, which means their mattresses are :certipur

          – Made without ozone depletes
          – Made without PBDE flame retardants
          – Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy materials
          – Made without phthalates regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commission
          – Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality

          To add to that, the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector is made from 100% bamboo fibers, which are naturally woven in a jacquard style to form the fabric. Every cover is also OEKO-TEX® Certified and free and clear of pvc, vinyl, and phthalates.

          Protector Box Top View

          Total points awarded for Unpacking: 25 / 25

          Feel , Fit, & Noise

          Mattress protectors are made to protect sleepers from allergens and provide water/stainproof protection, but how do they stack up in terms of comfort? Before we get to that, it’s important to figure out what exactly this protector is made of, which will help us better understand how it will feel.

          The Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector is made of, you guessed it, 100% bamboo. The protector features an ultra-premium white fabric woven in a jacquard pattern using 100% natural bamboo fibers. The purpose of using bamboo is typically two-fold: it’s a natural material that uses less chemicals than polyester and other synthetic fabrics, and it also contains some highly effective hypoallergenic properties. Here’s how the protector looks after you pull it out of the box:
          Red Nomad Mattress Protector on Box
          Not only does it look very soft… it IS very soft. The bamboo material is soft but also has a comfortable amount of give to it. The protector easily fits over the bed, as you can see here:


          Protector on Bed Top

          Red Nomad Mattress Protector on Bed Side


          As for noise… in my book, this mattress protector ranks in the top 3 most silent protectors I’ve ever come across. The Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector does not create an imperceptible added noise, and once you place your fitted sheets over it, it’s as if there hasn’t been any change whatsoever from a sound perspective.

          Overall I am quite impressed with the feel and fit of the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector. It’s super-soft, lightweight and breathable, but has the required density to provide waterproof and stainproof protection for your valuable mattress. Likewise, the fit of the protector is perfect for my queen-size mattress. The jacquard fabric woven from 100% natural bamboo fibers is not only soft and allergen-proof, but it’s also springy and can be easily pulled over your existing mattress without any fuss.

          Total points awarded for Feel: 24 / 25


          There are three keys to a durable mattress protector: garment construction, surface/ edge abrasion, and waterproof protection.

          Garment Construction

          Garment construction refers to how resistant the cover of the protector is to tearing at the sides, seams, and edges. To provide a thorough review of this, we usually find hundreds of current owners and give them questionnaires in order to find out how their experience has been over time. As the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector is a brand-new product, we are not able to do this yet.
          With that said however, Red Nomad is renowned for its mattress toppers which we have thoroughly reviewed before, and in every case these toppers have performed outstandingly with respect to garment construction. Just from feeling the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector, I can already tell it has been manufactured with durability in mind. The jacquard-woven bamboo fabric seems to be very durable.

          Surface / Edge Abrasion

          A durable mattress protector will be more resistant to surface and edge abrasions; these basically occur from the repeated rubbing of the mattress/ cover surface to sheets, your body, etc over many nights of use. As with garment construction, although we are still in the data-gathering phase, we can certainly say that the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector has a superior feel and protection from surface/ edge abrasion.

          Waterproof Protection

          How waterproof is the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector? Well, after testing it ourselves, we can confidently claim that this protector offers 100% waterproof protection (pictures coming soon).


          After having reviewed so many mattresses, toppers, protectors and more, you begin to be able to intuitively “feel” durability in a given sleeping product. In this case, I can definitively say that I believe the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector offers superior durability.
          Total points awarded for Durability: 23 / 25

          Heat Regulation

          Oftentimes, mattress protectors are negatively associated with “sleeping hot”. This basically means that the sleeper feels uncomfortably hot in bed while using mattress protectors; but why does this happen?
          Many mattress protectors are not manufactured from high-quality materials. Many mattress protector manufacturers prefer to cut corners and save on costs rather than provide more value. As a result, you will find quite a few mattress protectors on the market that are manufactured from combinations of natural and synthetic fabrics. The most popular combo these days is cotton + polyester terry cloth. So with that being said, where does the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector fit on the spectrum?
          Luckily, having reviewed their products before and having a good understanding of their general vision, my expectations were that the Red Nomad Mattress Protector would not sleep hot or retain any heat… and boy were my expectations surpassed! Red Nomad uses a breathable Cool Flow technology to increase the breathability and circulation of air through the protector; add to that the fact that it’s made from 100% breathable bamboo, and you have a recipe for a highly comfortable and cool sleeping experience.
          Red Nomad Mattress Protector on Bed Closeup
          Total points awarded for Heat Regulation: 24 / 25

          Zen Score of the Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector

          A memory foam mattress must pass a Zen Score of 70 in order to be recommended by us at Zen Sleeping. The Red Nomad Bamboo Mattress Protector passes our benchmark with a total Zen Score of 96!

          Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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