Revive 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review: Firm and Durable

Revive 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review: Firm and Durable


Revive 12

Revive 12

Unpacking the Mattress




      Feel & Firmness




          Heat Regulation



            • Great for firm mattress lovers
            • Superior heat regulation
            • Little to no smell
            • Great value


            • May be too firm for some back sleepers
            • May be too firm for side sleepers

            For those who prefer firmer memory foam or even have certain types lower back pain, the Revive 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is an optimal choice. Despite this, there are some issues that seem to persist with this mattress that absolutely must be addressed to give you – our cherished readers – a transparent, 360-degree overview of this mattress. Read more to find out the advantages and weaknesses!

            Quick FAQ

            The queen-sized mattress comes machine-rolled and covered by a plastic airtight bag that is placed in a box weighing 77 lbs.

            There are 3 layers in total.

            The top layer is 3 inches thick and is made with gel memory foam. It carries a density of 5lb pcf.

            There is no one-answer-fits-all when it comes to comfort. The best we as professional mattress reviewers can do is to comment on the relative softness or firmness of the mattress and who we believe would find the mattress most comfortable. Having said that, we believe the mattress should be most comfortable for average weight sleepers (less than 220 lbs) who enjoy medium-to-firm mattresses, as well as heavier individuals (over 220 lbs) who enjoy medium mattresses.

            Since this mattress tends to be on the firmer side, we advise side sleepers who prefer medium or soft mattresses to check out mattress like the

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            Based on our interviews with current owners, on average there was a light odor that went away within a few days.

            The Revive 12” mattress has a 2” middle layer made of air flow sculpting foam, which helps this mattress attain an A+ rating from us with respect to heat regulation.

            Yes, you can find info about the warranty here.

            Mattress America’s Revive mattress has been reviewed using the Zen Score System, which gives a score out of 100 based on 6 main factors: Unpacking (20pts), Smell (20 pts), Feel & Firmness (20 pts), Durability (20 pts), and Heat Regulation (20 pts) . We have also conducted interviews with over 100 verified purchasers of the mattress to give you very relevant statistics for all these categories.


            Unpacking the Revive 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

            With the shipping box weighing in at 77 lbs, getting this mattress to your bedroom may require more than one pair of hands. The mattress comes machine-rolled and placed in an airtight plastic bag fitted snugly in the shipping box.

            TIP: Generally, it is best to open the mattress in a room that is currently unoccupied, well-ventilated and receives a good amount of sunlight per day. When mattresses are first opened out of their vacuum-sealed bags, they immediately start to expand and typically give off a “new memory foam” smell which can sometimes be quite strong and bothersome. Letting the mattress air out and expand in a ventilated room for a few days is the best way to get rid of the smell. Also, don’t sleep on it during this period of time, or place any sheets or mattress protectors over it.

            You may notice that with the Revive 12-inch, it takes longer for the mattress to expand to its full 12-inch height. We interviewed over 100 current owners of this mattress, and unfortunately 5 of them had an issue where the mattress expanded up to around 10 inches in the first day. The majority of these owners noted that their mattresses eventually expanded to the full 12 inches, but one individual’s did not.

            Therefore, a word of caution: if any mattress that you purchase doesn’t expand to its full size within a week, contact the seller and request a refund/ exchange.

            Is It Made From Safe Materials?

            The Revive 12-inch is made by Mattress America; all of their mattresses are all CertiPUR-US certified, which means their products are :certipur

            – Made without ozone depletes
            – Made without PBDE flame retardants
            – Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy materials
            – Made without phthalates regulated by Consumer Product Safety Commission
            – Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality

            Thickness & Density

            There are three total layers on the Revive Mattress.
            The top layer is 3 inches thick and is composed of gel memory foam. Gel foam is designed to prevent the foam material from trapping your body heat, thereby providing you with a comfortable and temperature-regulated good night’s sleep. The density of this top layer is 5lb pcf (per cubic foot), which makes this layer both highly durable but also firmer too; but more on comfort and firmness later.

            The middle layer is 2 inches thick and made from air flow sculpting foam, which Mattress America (the company that makes this mattress) claims is a patented foam technology that does a great job of regulating heat when being slept on. We will see about that in our section on heat regulation.


            Lastly, the bottom layer is 7 inches thick and made from a dense foam base. This is pretty typical and expected, as every memory foam mattress needs a base that is thicker and denser than the top layer(s) to prevent your body from sinking too low.

            Overall, we at Zen Sleeping are not big fans of triple-layered memory foam mattresses. This is because mattresses with more than 2 layers tend to be less durable and break down earlier. Also, after many nights of twisting and turning on a 3-layered mattress, there is a higher probability that these motions cause the individual layers to become unhinged from each other, which can make the whole sleeping experience a bit uncomfortable.
            In the case of the Revive 12-inch mattress, they claim that their 2-inch middle layer is only for heat regulation, so this may not be that big of a deal.

            Also, our preference for 2-layered mattresses is just that – a preference. There is no hard-and-fast rule, and we have recommended and reviewed plenty of amazing 3-layered mattresses on this site. But just to be transparent, with all else equal, we prefer 2-layered mattresses.

            Total points awarded for Unpacking: 17.5 / 20


            Memory foam mattresses have a penchant for having a unique smell when you first open them; some even keep that smell for days, weeks… and even months. These smells are rarely ever harmful, but they can be annoying which is why we like to test and review for it.

            To test the smell of Mattress America’s Revive 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, we put the noses of our professionals to the test, and also polled around 100 current owners of this mattress to also gauge their experiences.

            First of all, our professional testers noted no smell on their mattress, which is a good start but needs more data to back it up. It may be that we got completely lucky with this one, while the other 99% of this brand smell a lot.

            Here’s what we found out from current owners:

            • No Smell - 16%
            • Light odor, gone in 3 days - 74%
            • Mild odor, gone in 5 days - 7%
            • Strong odor, gone in 7 days - 3%

            As you can clearly see, the data shows a slightly different story than that of our testers. The majority of owners said there was a light odor which dissipated within 3 days. These are still pretty good results, but obviously not as good as no smell.

            Verdict: Most purchasers of this mattress should find it either has a light odor that goes away within 3 days, or no odor at all.

            Total points awarded for Smell: 18 / 20

            Feel & Firmness

            As always, before delving into this topic we like to remind our readers that feel, firmness, and the general comfort level of any mattress differs a lot from person to person. While using weight and gender can provide logical guidelines for us to follow, there will always be 100 lb females who love super-firm mattresses and 300 lb males who can’t get enough of extremely plushy and soft surfaces. To make things as holistic as possible here at Zen Sleeping, we use our own professional opinion as well as curated responses from over 100 verified purchasers who sleep on the Revive 12-inch memory foam mattress every night.

            Feel & Firmness Test

            After thoroughly testing out the mattress here’s what we found out:

            Medium-to-Firm for Back Sleepers

            The mattress has a medium-to-firm feel for back sleepers. For lighter individuals, the mattress will feel firmer than for heavier individuals. There is no evidence of sagging or sinking, and the edges do a good job of keeping the body supported in the bed. That being said, individuals who prefer the “cloud-like” softness of softer memory foam mattresses should probably look elsewhere.

            Firm for Side Sleepers

            Normally, side sleepers will feel the same mattress as firmer than back sleepers. So, in this case the Revive 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress will feel quite firm for side sleepers. Unless you prefer firm mattresses as a side sleeper, we would suggest to choose a softer mattress like the Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress or a mattress topper like the Red Nomad 2-inch Visco Mattress Topper.

            Our Verified Purchasers Weigh In

            To supplement our professional opinions on comfort level, feel and firmness, we have data points on over 100 verified purchasers of this mattress. Here’s what they had to say:

            • Comfortable feel - 87%
            • Too firm - 12%
            • Too soft - 1%

            87% of our verified purchasers found the mattress to be either very comfortable or generally comfortable. 12% said it was too firm, and 1% said it was too soft.

            Verdict: for back sleepers, the Revive 12-inch mattress will provide a medium-to-firm sleeping surface and a firm sleeping experience for side sleepers. Firmer sleeping surfaces are not for everyone, so take this into account when making a decision regarding this mattress.

            Total points awarded for Feel: 17.5 / 20


            How can you tell if a mattress will be durable and last long? Well, there are 4 main things to look for: adequate density, high-quality garment construction, resistance to surface/ edge abrasions, and stain release capabilities. In this section we dive into each of these factors.


            The density of a memory foam mattress’s top layer is very important in determining overall durability. The higher the density of this layer, the longer the mattress will last. Since the top layer of the Revive mattress has a density of 5 lb pcf which is considered quite high, this bodes very well for the mattress’s overall durability.

            Garment Construction

            Garment construction refers to how resistant the mattress cover and actual mattress are to tearing at the sides, seams, and edges. The Revive Mattress uses a zippable cover, and after speaking to our 100 current owners of the mattress about it, this is what they had to say:

            100% reported no tears of the mattress foam, and 100% reported no tears of the mattress cover.


            Surface / Edge Abrasion

            A durable mattress will be more resistant to surface and edge abrasions; these basically occur from the repeated rubbing of the mattress/ cover surface to sheets, your body, etc over many nights of use. This is what our 100 polled owners of the ReviveMattress had to say about surface edge abrasion:

            100% reported no wearing of the mattress cover surface, and 100% reported no surface or edge abrasions of the foam material.

            Stain Release

            Lastly, a mattress and cover are more durable when they are better able to release stains. Out of the total 100 owners of the mattress that were polled, only 5 had had spills or generally made stains on the mattress. Of those stains, 100% of them were treated completely.


            With the superior density of the mattress’s top layer and great performance on the other factors, we can easily declare this mattress to have superior durability. It should last as long as the warranty is for.

            Total points awarded for Durability: 20 / 20

            Heat Regulation

            Heat regulation is another common complaint with respect to memory foam mattresses. The foam material that makes up a memory foam mattress typically absorbs and traps the body heat of sleepers, making the foam more gooey and uncomfortably hot.

            Over the years, mattress companies have evolved and now manufacture their memory foam using new technologies which lessen or completely neutralize this impact, but many of them still use the mediocre memory foam of the past.

            So, to best understand how well the Revive mattress performs with respect to heat regulation, we asked our 100 current owners of the mattress for their opinions. This is what they had to say:

            • Slept cool - 23%
            • Slept neutral - 35%
            • Slept warm - 37%
            • Slept hot - 5%

            Very impressive results! 95% of mattress owners found the mattress to have a cool, neutral, or warm feel at night, well 5% said it was hot.

            Total points awarded for Heat Regulation: 19 / 20

            Zen Score of the Revive 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

            A memory foam mattress must pass a Zen Score of 70 in order to be recommended by us at Zen Sleeping. The Revive 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress passes our benchmark with a total Zen Score of 95!

            Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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