The New Sleep Memoir 12-inch: Unbelievable Comfort!

The New Sleep Memoir 12-inch: Unbelievable Comfort!


As an update to our outdated 2016 review of the old Signature Sleep Memoir mattress, we are happy to inform our readers that the newer version of this mattress is absolutely amazing. Read further to see our play-by-play breakdown of this wonderful memory foam mattress.

Reviewing the NEW Signature Sleep 12-inch

This mattress was reviewed live and in person with one of our professional Zen Sleeping reviewers. They slept on the mattress every night for a period of 2 weeks (and we are pretty sure they are still sleeping on it!). Based on their comments, we have some great things to report.

Odorless Fabric & Very Comfortable

Signature Sleep Memoir side viewThe first important piece of information to report is that the mattress’s outer layer of fabric is¬†completely odorless. The older version of this mattress had some negative reviews stating the presence of a strong chemical odor, but this is definitely no longer a problem.

Secondly, the fabric itself is very comfortable and soft. Some mattress companies invest a lot of money into the inner foam layers but skimp when it comes to the outer layer. The Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch is very, very soft.

Expands Perfectly, No Deformities

One major complaint we had from the older version of the Sleep Memoir was that the mattress never actually expanded out to its full size. Typically, when you buy memory foam mattresses online, they arrive in a vacuum-sealed, airtight plastic packaging. Once you cut open this packaging, the memory foam immediately starts sucking in the surrounding air and expanding to its full size. This can take from a few hours to a full day or two.

In the case of this new Signature Sleep Memoir, it took 12 hours, which is pretty darn fast. Signature Sleep themselves recommend waiting up to 72 hours for it to fully expand.

Another major complaint we heard about from the older version was the presence of deformities appearing on the mattress within a very short period of time. Deformities on memory foam mattresses typically take on the form of random sagging, bumps, protrusions, and warped/ wrinkly areas of the bed. This Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch showed absolutely no warping or deformities during the duration of the review.


We absolutely love the Signature Sleep Memoir 12-inch memory foam mattress. We highly, highly recommend it to any mattress buyers interested in getting a new memory foam bed for a great price.

For any further questions, write out a comment below or get back to me at [email protected]. Thanks!