Zen Sleeping Score

Zen Sleeping Score









          Heat Regulation



            • Lab-tested
            • Protects against bed bugs
            • Water and stain proof
            • Hypoallergenic
            • Lifetime warranty


            • May get too hot on certain mattresses

            If you’re searching for a quality mattress protector, you’ve come to the right place. I usually like to start off my reviews a bit more unbiased, but I am simply blown away by Mattress Guard’s latest premium mattress protector.

            First of all, you may notice it is called a “topper” in the product detail on the Amazon product page. This is a mattress protector, not a pad or cushion topper. This product will not add comfort or cushion on top of your existing mattress, it is not meant for that.

            What it is meant for, however, is to provide a breathable cotton surface that is hypoallergenic, waterproof on every side, protective against stains, and the best defense against bed bugs, dust mites, and microscopic pests.

            Who Should Purchase This?

            This protector is pretty versatile and dynamic. If you have allergies and want a hypoallergenic cover over your existing mattress, this is the product for you. If you have kids who are potty training and you want to minimize the damage (so to speak!), this is the product for you. If you live in areas with lots of bed bugs (especially South America, a hot bed for bed bugs), you 100% need this.

            Even if you don’t fall in any of the above categories, you would do yourself a huge favor to purchase it, because it may save the warranty on your current mattress. Many mattress companies may not explicitly state this (except on their long warranty agreements), but most of the time your warranty will be voided if you don’t use a cover over your mattress. Buying this protector basically insures your ability to get a refund or replacement mattress if you ever have issues with your current one.

            Is it Easy To Use?

            It’s pretty simple. You simply place the Mattress Guard Premium Protector over the mattress you want to cover, and zip it up. That’s it! Your mattress is now covered by 360 degrees of lab-tested quality protection.


            Is the Item Durable?

            I tested the product very recently – Feb 1st, 2016 to be exact. I have tested the queen size on some of the memory foam mattresses I have been using for my other reviews, and thus far it is working perfectly. I have tested it with water and wine as well, and it does a perfect job of protecting the mattress. While there aren’t tons of reviews on Amazon, I have been able to get in touch with a few verified purchasers who all speak very highly of the product with respect to durability.


            How Breathable Is It?

            This is the only aspect of the mattress that isn’t perfect. If you are currently sleeping on a memory foam mattress that already makes you quite hot at night, using this cover may make you hotter. For the majority of sleepers this won’t be an issue, though.


            Value and Concluding Thoughts

            If I haven’t already driven this home enough… this mattress protector is an extremely good value. It is most definitely an affordable product, and its quality will pay itself many times over. The protector even comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest easy that you will be getting your dollar’s worth!

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